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Companies approach us all the time asking "We want to transition from our current workload scheduler to something new, our current one doesn't have the functionality we need, what can we do to make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible?"

We have yet to meet a company that shows zero hesitation when choosing a new Workload Automation product to replace their current system. Replacing a complex legacy system can be a very daunting challenge, as unpredicted reactions and job conversion issues can arise, leading to project deadlines being missed, and QA not being up to snuff.

We normally hear the following short list of concerns when deploying conversions:

  • Will Control-M work exactly like our previous solution?

  • Can Control-M do all of the same things, and cover the same scope of functionality?

  • What if all of our pre-existing jobs can't be converted?

  • What if Control-M can't support the systems we use?

  • What if after conversion all of the converted jobs don't work as intended?

Firstly, let's talk about the best Workload Automation product on the market: Control-M from BMC Software. Every WLA tool has its own set of characteristics, and Control-M tops them all, especially in terms of ease of use, and application integration. Version 8 of Control-M has brought with it numerous graphical and UI updates, making the use of the tool a real breeze, for schedulers, operators, admins, as well as business owners.

Control-M is the best fully-featured batch scheduling solution on the market, and far surpasses the functionality of competing products without any issue.

Depending on the complexity of a job being converted, and the number of steps in the job, the conversion may either turn many jobs into fewer, or a select few into two or more. In our experience, the latter is rarely the case.

We have yet to see an issue where a specific system cannot, in any way, be accessed from Control-M, and if no connector exits, one can be fashioned between CTM and the targetted system.

BMC's development team have put together one of the BEST solutions for companies looking to migrate to a new solution, the Control-M Conversion Tool! This tool minimizes the possibility that the converted jobs don't work as intended, and frankly does an excellent job of converting job objects, with vast-reaching notion equivalence and mapping.

So, why do companies choose a professional service, then? Taking a company from zero to 100% converted and live in production takes time, effort, patience, and most importantly, the knowledge of people that do this kind of thing day in, day out.

All the best in your conversion endeavors!

The CFS Team

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