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So what's the big deal, anyways? Why is this feature a must-have?

Central view. With Control-M, the main goal is to centralize the view of all scheduled jobs in all of your enterprise's various systems. BMC strives constantly to ensure that as many rich features get integrated into their solutions, and the features they integrate serve to assimilate disparate and scattered components, bringing them under the watchful eyes of your operations and first-line support teams, so that you can become more responsive in case of major incidents, or service level agreement delays.

Some clients of ours have, as an example, spent days, weeks, and months writing scripts to bridge the gap between some of their older legacy code or systems in order to achieve the reaching of multiple systems. The Application Integrator serves to help you bring those components together in order to provide you with better control over your scheduled jobs.

Who would then be at the top of our list of teams in enterprises that would best make use of this feature? Why, the application development teams! The A.I. assists developers in creating and maintaining jobs for their environments by providing Control-M experts the ability to design job templates that match business logic. By doing this, they can create single jobs that can, for example, tie into a host of different web services, triggering each of them in sequence, and provide valuable feedback to operators based on how execution went.

Most would say, well, what about all of the scripts that we've developed so far? Is it wasted effort? Absolutely not. In-house knowledge is, and will remain, paramount, as this is your competitive advantage. The Application Integrator is a new feature that will help you bolster your future endeavors, and even assemble and unify past one!

For any questions about the Application Integrator, we're always here to help! Drop us a line!

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