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Mainframes are by no means dying. Their ability to very effectively treat massive amounts of transactions in an ordered fashion are hard to beat, and the paradigm of centrally located computing is still in itself a useful model. Distributed systems, however, have offered a flexibility that mainframes lack at times.

Have you at your company been faced recently with the need to move away from mainframe work, and to the distributed side? How has that process gone so far? What were the pitfalls? These questions can be equally posed when moving batch workloads from a central scheduler, to distributed systems.

What is important when moving batch jobs away from a mainframe and into distributed systems is to understand that the breadth of configuration of your environment has now grown, especially for Control-M. While before it might have been easy to simply log into IOA from TSO, now you'll be using the WLA client to get a picture of all the moving parts. Agent deployment is another important factor.

Agent/Agentless deployments need to be considered. Know that when you deploy agents to physical or virtual hosts, you can choose to either install the software, or go agentless. What are the pros and cons? Well, with agentless, there's no software to update, however you won't be able to make use of any of the feature-rich application modules that can be installed. It all depends on the desired setup.

Developer time is key here too, as efforts shift from JCL/Rexx to Java/C++ as an example, there will be major considerations to make with regards to the transition. If the same batch calculations are now going to be called in, say, a cluster of machines, the call will need to be made in a different way. Script and command type jobs will be come a lot more prevalent.

These are just a few points of differences that exist between mainframe and distributed, let alone filesystems and structure, and is also something that CFS helps our clients work through when moving over to a new structure.

We wish you all the best in your migration endeavors, if you need any guidance, drop us a line!

The CFS Team

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