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Control-M Scheduling

Class Duration: 5 Days
Price: Per Student
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Course Description

This five-day class is an introductory class designed to provide Control-M schedulers with the knowledge and skills need to understand, navigate and work in a production environment.

Providing a broad overview of the features of BMC Control-M, this class explores the tools available for monitoring and managing the active environment, including all jobs and workflows for an enterprise. Interactive Labs and hands-on exercises are woven into the learning experience to enhance and reinforce key learning areas of job scheduling.

Our methodology has evolved over years of practical experience delivering workload automation training. Students successfully completing this class will leave with the skills and knowledge needed to immediately apply their knowledge in the workplace. At the end of this class scheduling students will be able to confidently build, implement, troubleshoot and manage daily business operations.

Delivery Method

CFS classes can be delivered at a time or place most convenient to the student. All classes are instructor led by CFS consultant engineers ensuring that students benefit from current, real world experiences. Our clients often prefer to have classes delivered at their site, a third party venue such as a hotel or other meeting space, or online. For distributed scheduling teams blending on-site and virtual learning is often an excellent solution for clients.

Control-M Scheduling Course Outline

Module 1 - Intro and Architecture:

  • Distributed CONTROL-M architecture
  • Distributed CONTROL-M concepts and terminology
  • Log in and basic navigation
  • CONTROL-M/EM menus
  • Toolbar action icons
  • CONTROL-M/EM window descriptions
  • Options window
  • Communication Status window

Module 2 - Daily Flow:

  • CONTROL-M WLA concepts
  • Job execution and results analysis
  • Shouts and alerts
  • CONTROL-M WLA ViewPoint window
  • ViewPoint window nodes
  • Production flows
  • Job ordering and new day procedure

Module 3 - Intro to Planning:

  • CONTROL-M Planning overview
  • CONTROL-M Planning basic navigation
  • Job Editing Form basics
  • Working with Folders
  • Mass Job Update
  • Desktop options

Module 4 - Job Scheduling:

  • Basic scheduling (month and week days)
  • Using calendars
  • Create and manage calendars
  • Periodic Calendars and Special Symbols
  • Scheduling Windows

Module 5 - Conditions:

  • Overview of job conditions
  • Creating job conditions
  • Viewing existing conditions

Module 6 - Getting Details:

  • Status Summary Pie Chart
  • Low-level node properties
  • Job popup menu actions
  • Analyzing the active environment

Module 7 - Using Templates:

  • Template Overview
  • Working with Templates
  • Mass Job Creating

Module 8 - Creating Viewpoints:

  • ViewPoint Overview
  • Create ViewPoint with ViewPoint Wizard
  • Open the ViewPoint that you created

Module 9 - Q and C Resources:

  • Resources Overview
  • Quantitative Resources
  • Control Resources
  • CONTROL-M Planning Prerequisites Workload Management

Module 10 - AutoEdit and Notifications:

  • Notifications
  • Variable Types
  • Variable Examples
  • Global Variables

Module 11 - On-Do Actions Panel:

  • Purpose of On-Do Actions
  • On-Do Functionality

Module 12 - SMART Tables:

  • SMART Table Overview
  • Distributed SMART Table Form
  • Creating SMART Tables
  • Creating Sub-Tables in SMART Tables

Module 13 - Control-M EM Reporting Facility:

  • Overview of Control-M Reporting Facility
  • Create Reports
  • Panels of the Report Wizard

Module 14 - BMC BIM and Control-M Forecast:

  • BMC Batch Impact Manager
  • Control-M/Forecast

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