Understanding Data Center Automation.

What does Server Automation actually mean?

Data Center Automation

The data center is the center of the IT Function. Organizations need a smoothly running environment that is able to operate independently and efficiently. CFS can help to your organization to automate every part of your data center.

Automate in the data center and in the cloud

  • Whether in a traditional data center environment or in the cloud BMC’s BladeLogic Server Automation enables organizations to automate tasks across servers, networks, databases, and applications.
  • Seamlessly provision and configure assets across you entire environment
  • Optimize your network to and prevent outages
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs
  • Ensure your organization is in compliance with both regulatory bodies and conform to and IT standards.

Server Automation

Manage even the biggest change and configuration tasks easily with BladeLogic Server Automation. Take advantage of centralized provisioning and configuration tools to keeping your data center running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Cut operational costs by automating manual tasks.
  • Reduce service downtime with policy-based configuration management.
  • Manage all resources from a single platform.

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Network Automation / Optimization

Keep your business running smoothly—with no network outages or downtime—by automating network configuration, change, and compliance processes, using BladeLogic Network Automation.

  • Cut operating costs with automation and one-click rollback.
  • Stop network outages by eliminating bad configuration changes.
  • Guarantee compliance with best practices and regulatory standards.
  • Extend change management initiatives to the network level.

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Database Automation

Manage multivendor databases with ease - Improve efficiency, lower costs, and keep your databases running smoothly by automating routine administrative processes with BladeLogic Database Automation.

  • Improve service by reducing downtime and resolving issues faster.
  • Manage risk by enforcing new controls and policies.
  • Establish and maintain your infrastructure with accuracy and ease.

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Middleware Automation

The bottom line—you want to deliver new business services faster, cheaper, and more reliably. BMC BladeLogic Middleware Automation easily deploys, configures, and troubleshoots Java EE applications without manual steps.

  • Deliver faster service with fewer outages.
  • Reduce application release cycles.
  • Eliminate configuration scripts and manual processes.

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