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Convert your scheduler To BMC Control-M

Migrating from a legacy scheduling tool is probably the most complex project that is undertaken in a scheduling environment. The speed, efficiency and accuracy are of primary importance in this effort. The task can be daunting without the prior experience and skills in the two environments.

Let CFS Consulting create a solution to successfully migrate to BMC Control-M. We have 100's of successful migrations behind us. CFS' unique blend of skills, multiple scheduling environment experience, tools, and specialist Control-M migration engineers will help to mitigate the risks in highly complex project.

Specialists in conversions from:

  • ASG-Zeke
  • CA-Autosys
  • Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
  • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler

Control-M Conversion Methodology

Control-M Environment Assessment
This initial assessment prevents the conversion of inaccurate data by allowing database cleanup and problem resolution to occur and enables the data center to begin the conversion process.

Control-M Installation / Technical Training
This effort is comprised of installing the components required for Control-M on customer systems and running multiple parallel tests. At the is point we recommend that Client administrators receive technical training to ensure these skills are transferred.

Control-M Job Conversion / Migration
Conversion can be phased or a complete conversion can be executed to the client requirements. First the job definitions are converted to Control-M and migrated then the the tool is tuned to meet customer specifications.

Control-M Testing
Once the conversion is complete, the old and new environments are tested in parallel. Running the two mirrored environments ensures zero impact to the production environment and issues can be and identified and remediated outside of the live environment.

Control-M Activation
After final check and the new environment is running correctly, the data center should switch from the old environment to Control-M.

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